About Us

Visiobit Information Technologies is a software company that was founded by entrepreneurs who are working as a senior software engineer in research areas such as computer vision, data mining and were eligible to receive TEYDEB 1512 government fund support. The company has productive and superior arge capabilities with its new but experienced team under the mentorship of academicians and software world professionals from Gebze Technical University.

Our Team

Responding to changing business needs as a result of technological developments and the improvement of the system by adapting the technology to the current work flow processes has become extremely important for the companies involved in the competition. Visiobit continues its activities in the field of technology and software with a team that has knowledge of solution methods, is competent in software standards, is aware of the importance of project commitments and deadlines, is able to work in a team spirit with systematic and team friends, is document their work in a detailed manner, is self-renewing themselves.