Our Values

Our vision

The vision of the company is to ensure that the projects, products and services we carry out with entrepreneurial spirit and courage are achieve to the power and determination that will make our company a leader in the world market. The Technologies that we have developed, we are able to provide sustainable R & D and growth in the fields of computer vision, wearable technologies, Internet of things and data mining.

Our mission

With all the opportunities offered by technology, It offers software solutions with innovative approaches and new technology to companies from every sector and scale. With its sensitivity about environmental and social issues as well as its solutions and customer satisfaction, It continues its R & D activities determinedly for accelerating the technologic development of our country and also it continues to work towards being one of Turkey’s leading software company.

Our values

Visiobit Information Technologies provides enterprise and custom software services for our customers in the process of continuous change and renewal to supply using information systems more effective and efficient.

Our principles

- To understand and fully meet customer needs and expectations
- Develop alternative solution proposals for problems and proceed with the most appropriate
- To comply with the conditions of the contract without exception
- Customer feedback, quickly take into account
- Strictly comply with legal requirements and regulations
- Delivering projects on time and plan
- Take necessary measures against potential risks
- Working with a competent and dynamic staff
- To provide innovative solutions by following the sector developments and technology closely